Gastroenterology Group Practice,
the GI practice in Bern, the capitol of Switzerland

Welcome to one of the leading Gastroenterology clinics in Switzerland. None of us enjoy seeing the doctor, so our aim is to make your visit as simple and pleasant as possible. We will treat you according to the latest medical advances and highest standards, and constantly participate in continuing medical education and in research at an ambitious international level. We will treat you as a valuable, unique individual, and not as an extension of an interesting gut. We work hard to keep waiting times as short as possible, but have to admit we do not always achieve this goal 😑. We care about your gut feeling®. The GGP Team

Our Services


We specialize in endoscopy, from top to bottom. This includes cancer screening and all forms of innovative and invasive techniques.


Reactions to food and the "Irritable Bowel Syndrome" are commonly confused. The diagnostic evaluation of intolerances, allergies, coeliacs disease and the mast cell activation syndrome is often helpful.


Constipation (or evacuation disorders), incontinence, pelvic floor prolapse and chronic pelvic pain are common reasons for referral to our clinic.


These could be due to infection, drug reactions or autoimmune disorders. Doctor Burckhardt is our expert hepatologist.


Pain, itching and rectal bleeding are primarily assessed by proctoscopy. This will never become your favourite examination, but is over quickly, requires no preparation and ensures optimal treatment.


Swallowing problems, reflux, heart burn or pain in the chest will generally require a gastroscopy. In certain cases other specialized diagnostic procedures, such as the measurement of acid (pH-metry) or contractions (manometry) in the oesophagus are indicated. We will gladly advise you regarding the best options.


For general discussion of GI conditions, secondary opinions and complex cases we will make an appointment for a consultation.

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The GGP Team

You will experience the medical competence, passion and dedication of the GGP team, even when the pressure is on.

Our team

Dr. med. Clive H. Wilder-Smith, MD, FRCP, AGAF

Fellow of the American Gastroenterological Association. Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians (Edinburgh). Consultant: BeauSite Hospital/Hirslanden, Bern, Dept. Preventive, Restorative and Paediatric Dentistry, Bern University, Switzerland. Head, Brain-Gut Research Group. ex-Professor National University Singapore. ex-Consultant Groote Schuur University Hospital, Cape Town. Member: American Neurogastroenterology & Motility Society, International Association for the Study of Pain, Society for Neuroscience.

Endoscopy, neurogastroenterology, GI microbiome, intestinal functional diagnostics, pelvic floor, food intolerances, nutritional sciences, reflux & dental erosions .

Mountain biking, skiing, kayaking, safaris/travel, music, languages & culture.

English ++, German ++, French +, n bietjie Afrikaans

PD Dr. med. Hans S. Merki

FMH Gastroenterology, Consultant: BeauSite Hospital/Hirslanden, Bern.

Invasive endoscopic techniques.

Nature, animals, gastronomy

German, French, Italian, English.

Dr. med. Beat Burckhardt

FMH Gastroenterology. Specialist hepatologist. Consultant: Salem Hospital/Hirslanden, Bern.

Endoscopy & enteroscopy, hepatology.

Basle Carnival, gardening, art, Russian culture.

German, French, English, Russian.

Brigitte Fischer

Registered endoscopy nurse

Ursula Stäger

Medical secretary

Barbara Müller

Registered nursing and clinic assistant

Daniela Baumann

Medical secretary

Ivonne Bordnikow

Registered nurse

Martina Paulinyova

Registered nurse

Rivana Walther


Nadine Iseli

Practice manager, registered nurse practitioner

Andrea Materna

Responsible technician, breath test lab. Administrative and logistic assistant.

What our
patients say:

Our whole family would like to thank you. The care is very professional and excellent. We are very satisfied. We wish the group practice only the best!
From the reception to the completion of the examination, everything was tops! I suddenly woke up and everything was over! Can only remember a conversation before anesthesia.
I would like to take the opportunity to sincerely thank you for the friendly, respectful and even humorous care and treatment in the clinic. As far as it is possible to make a medical examination pleasant, the team has succeeded perfectly. My compliments!!
All fantastic: Anesthesia, endoscopy and staff!
Wow, that was a relaxed, nice and friendly morning. I will gladly come again
I have rarely encountered such kind, compassionate and "sensitive" staff in my life. This is unusual, thank you.
Excellent and comprehensible patient information, pleasant and warm atmosphere. My phobia of blood-taking was taken seriously and was overcome with the gentle and caring approach. Thank you! Just great! The best!
Had my first visit with you today and was utterly stunned, after former "colonoscopy trauma" about 35 years ago. Despite the business of the practice you will be greeted with a sensitive smile, without any rush or nervousness. Peace prevails. A very competent and professional team and very well organized. No question, I'll be back (if need be). Am freed from my traumatic memories!
Competent, sensitive care. I came with a lot of anxiety and was pleasantly surprised. thank you very much.
Very friendly nurses + doctors! Amazing how fast the investigation was over. Nothing to complain about! :)
Many thanks for the very friendly, competent and personal care provided by the team!
Thank you very much for the friendly welcome, good information and very very nice service and very professional investigation! Could it be any better ?? Thank you
Nice practice rooms! Very nice team. I felt very well cared for all around. Thank you very much!
Thank you very much. I felt absolutely safe and comfortable. Good time management, friendly, perfect anaesthesia. Examination (colonoscopy) absolutely problem-free. Both anaesthetist and attending physician listen and inform well.
Excellent service, I'll be back tomorrow!

Contact us

Gastroenterologische Gruppenpraxis / Gastroenterology Group Practice

Bubenbergplatz 11 (3rd floor)
CH-3011 Bern
Opening hours
Monday - Friday: 08:00 – 16:30
Thursday: 08:00 – 12:00 Uhr


[email protected]


+41 31 312 37 37


031 312 37 70

Patient referral
Patients are referred to our practice by their general practitioner or internist. Self-referral by patients is only possible in exceptional situations. Consequently, patients should discuss a referral with their doctor.


In case of emergency, please contact your general practitioner or internist. Otherwise, we recommend the following hospital with 24-hour emergency room services in Bern:

Klinik BeauSite
Telephone: 031 335 33 33

Ambulance / 24-hour emergency services in Switzeland
Telephone: 144